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At Chelsea Moving and Storage, we have always made integrity and customer service our top priority. No hidden fees, no surprises. Clients who have used other New York movers in the past have told us our service, professionalism and personal touch is what sets us apart . It's a reputation we're proud of. For your local or long distance moves, call the original Chelsea Movers at 212-243-8000 or toll free at 800-414-MOVE!


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Please feel free to drop in and see us at anytime. Our offices are located in the heart of Manhattan at 425 West 23rd Street, 1-C, New York, NY 10011. We would be happy to discuss our moving services or our wide range of supplies to help you with shipping, storage, packing and relocating. We have built a reputation for fast and reliable service at very reasonable prices. So whether you need to find New York City movers for your office or home, let us take you across the country or just across the city. Contact us today by phone, email, or in person for a free, no-obligation estimate.

New York, the East Coast and Nation-wide, including Florida, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and all other states. We can also move you to or from Canada.

In addition to our experience as long distance and local New York movers, you can also count on us to help you with international shipping, crating, boxes, packing supplies and much more. You can trust us with your valued antiques or with your treasured piano. Chelsea Movers is a family owned company with many years of experience and lots of satisfied customers. One of the best ways to judge any company is to check out what their customers have to say. Our customers regularly recommend us to others, and we are proud to be able to share their comments with you.

How to Pick a Moving Company

If you decide or if you are constrained to move from your current home, you will need a moving company to help you out. If in the past moving was done individually and people were carrying their furniture and other belongings with the aid of other friends and their cars, nowadays things have changed and the majority of the people that move decide to leave the most difficult aspect in the hands of different moving companies. It is far safer to do this than to transport on your own everything, especially over a long distance.
But when you live in a big city, choosing someone to help you is difficult. There are hundreds of moving companies in New York City, for example, and choosing the right one may seem at least difficult, as you may need to check tens of them to find exactly what do you need. Check exactly what services does a certain moving company provides beforehand, this way you will not be surprised when they arrive at your place and the terms are different of what you may have expected but did not ask. Simple phone calls to the moving companies allow you to get informed a lot.
If in the past this may have been uneconomical, nowadays moving companies have vans and trucks of different sizes so you will not end up with a truck that is half full, paying money that you could have used otherwise. Companies like Chelsea Moving are also specialized in transporting different types of cargo, allowing you to ask for something more specific in terms of vehicles. More than that, such a company also provides special types of moving services that may be required by customers that have unusual good that need transportation.
You might also want to look for moving companies that are not only concentrated on one type of moving, but feature different types of services suited for individuals or companies and that cover short and also long distances when it comes to moving. Although the diversity of these services may be perceived as a general lack of full support for someone in a specific branch, it is not. Companies like Chelsea Moving - which is specialized in all kinds of moving services – are to be preferred as they prove professionalism in any area of work that is given.
A moving company should also be chosen after you find out how they can deal with packing services. A company like Chelsea Moving should be preferred as you can simply allow them to fully pack your belongings, assuring you that the quality of the service is guaranteed. They also disassemble furniture in order to save space in trucks and they have special boxes for fragile elements like china or electronic equipment. Moving companies that fully protect your goods with such methods are to be preferred when you need to pick someone to help you in this otherwise, difficult task.

Moving On A Budget

When planning a move, it is very important to carve out a budget in your mind otherwise you can end up spending huge amounts of money on the move and get a shock to see the total bill. The main point to consider in making a budget move is to get to know all the costs beforehand. If you are planning to hire a moving company for the move then before getting into a contract with them, take an estimate of the cost. The proper cost estimation can only be made when the moving company visits your sites, your present location and your location after the move. They will consider factors like the amount of belongings you are planning to move, the distances between the two locations, how many services do you want to take and how easy or difficult will the loading and unloading be.
The proper way when you are moving on a budget is to take bids from two or three moving companies and then go for the lowest bidder. This way, moving expenses will not be inflated. Another great way to keep your move within the budget is to do yourself as much work as you can comfortably do. This is called a hybrid move where for example, you can do the packing and unpacking on your own and hire a moving company for loading, unloading and transportation.
An important factor which affects the moving cost is the time of the year. In peak moving seasons, the moving companies charge more than in off peak seasons. Their charges are also different for week days and for weekends again depending on the work load they have. Therefore, a smart choice would be to plan your move in the off peak season and preferably on a weekday to keep your bill as low as possible. However, this can only be done if you have flexibility in with the move time.
Moving on your own can also cost you a lot as you have to pay for the so many unplanned expenses and it also results in waste of time. Hiring a moving company gives you a high speed move and guarantee of safety. So, hiring a moving company along with the necessary planning will keep your move easy and within the budget.

Tips For Choosing The Right Movers

Selecting a reliable moving company is not an easy task. Of course, it is highly necessary that we choose the reliable company because they will be given full access to some of our valuable items during moving. So, how to choose the appropriate company? Yes, it is a million dollar question. Unfortunately, there is no straight forward answer for this question.
The company’s website may be a good place to start with. Many movers now have a website which displays their full range of services, rough estimation, and how will they provide their services. It usually also includes the customer reviews, service history and other background details. This might serve as a good place to start with.
The second possibility is to ask your friends and relatives. Ask if they had any experience with the movers. And get their feedback. If they have had any good experience with any mover, you can also go with the same company. If in case you have no one to ask, then you can search in the internet for your area’s moving scams. Lot of people posts their experience with the moving scammers and they will mention the company also.
There are certain clues that will help you find if the company is rogue. A rogue company will never give any contact details in their website. They will also never agree to visit your place to give estimation. They will do everything via phone or emails. The estimation given by them will also be much cheaper to convince you to choose them. This is the first clue. Always choose the moving company, which agrees to send their personal to your home to estimate on the cost.
A good moving company will always give you a copy of “Rights and Responsibilities during the move”. If you are in hands of a rogue company, they will never give you this copy.
A reputed moving company will have a marked fleet truck for moving. But in case of a scam company, they will send you a rental truck instead of a company brand named truck.
Don’t let your valuable belongings at the wrong hands. Choose the moving company wisely. They will help you making your relocation as smooth as possible without any regrets and damages.

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